Ashton Kutcher Milking A Goat

Ashton Kutcher who plays”Steve Jobs”  Milking A Goat

Ashton Kutcher Milking a goat

Ashton Kutcher Milking a goat

Hype Of Advertising

Yes folks the company who invented the Tablet’s “Apple” & the Ashton (Hollywood Actor) who played Steve Jobs in the move (Released 2013). Appears to be milking a goat in a Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 (COMMERCIAL).

In a similar Indian add the same thing was done by Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor who is also seen milking a goat.

This commercial which shows Ashton milks a goat. says “DO MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT”. What we know is that As Ashton is a Hollywood Actor with many decent flicks & TV comedy shows as Two & Half Men.

In short he is a wealthy man. Why would some one so rich wants to do his own breakfast? Don’t he be willing to hire domestic help who can serve him his breakfast, AND why in the world would a Hollywood star milk a goat that to on his dining table? In his kitchen.

If a person wants to do more of what he wants? What would a person do.

  1. He/ She would take some vacation to enjoy.
  2. Go for a Spa.
  3. Go to a Fancy Hotel.
  4. Hang out with Friends or loved ones as a guy as busy as Ashton is sure of finding less quality time to socialize.
  5. Do Charity.
  6. Host a show.
  7. Do a PR Event.
  8. Relax in a hobbies.

The question is: Why would he milk a goat when he is freaking rich?

How can one do more by buying an HD Tablet? The add fails to explain the same. In a squeal add, It is shown that Ashton has become an engineer & is working for Lenovo to conceptualize the tab by interacting with the end users.


How could an Hollywood star become an engineer all of a sudden. Is a Biochemical engineering also called a Tech engineer. We need to ask the Lenovo guys.

Were they trying to make the commercial funny as the comments from the video didn’t say so.

Hounds say that Ashton is more funny in comedy shows as Two & half men.

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