Ranbir Kapoor Milking A Goat

Ranbir Kapoor Milking A Goat

Ranbir Milking Goat

Ranbir Milking Goat: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Add

Hype Of Advertising


This add shows Ranbir Kapoor Milking A Goat. The add starts with a serious note of Ranbir staring the Tab. It initially appears as if he is reading something important before his meeting or he is reading his movie scripts or even it looks like he is reading the online-news. All of a sudden a Goat appears on a table beside him & the goat is being fed in a glass jar, Though Ranbir is still busy with his Tab he extends his Right hand towards the goat & gets his milk for his corn flakes.

How can one do more by buying a HD Tablet?

If anyone wants to do more he/she would not be milking a goat on a table while wearing a Suite & a Tie.

Some adds fail to deliver the message of what they want their buyers want to see. As here in this very add, We have seen Ranbir last in his previous movie BESHARAM. Oct 2, 2013. With is latest Cameo appearance (Special Appearance) in Boothnath Returns, The audience are waiting for his movies not adds like these which could easily haunt the Audience while watching his upcoming movies.


The add could have show more of what Ranbir does. As he could have been doing more of his passion i.e Movies. Or the add could have shown that the Bollywood Star is flirting with girls. However the the add does not deliver the concept what it says.

Ranbir has decent movies lined-up for 2015 though he couldn’t get any release in 2014. Is he so desperate for meaning less ads like these?

Where is the start who delivered movies like Rockstar. Hope we could see more meaningful adds in the coming days.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year (Movie-2014)



Happy New Year Poster

Film Name: Happy New Year

Release Date: Oct 23, 2014 (Diwali)

Movie Length: 184 minutes


Shahrukh Khan Deepika Padukone Boman Irani Abhishek Bachan

Shahrukh Khan: Charlie

Deepika: Mohini Joshi

Boman Irani: Tammy Irani

Abhishek Bachan: Nandu Bhide

Sonu Sood: Jag

Vivaan Shah: Rohan

Hounds Review:

The movie is Titled as Happy New Year, However it was not released on a New Year. As it was released on the major INDIAN Festival DIWALI (The Festival Of Lights).

The movie is about a revenge on the negative character which is played by Jackie Shroff who owns a vault service in Dubai & in the past of the film cons Charlie’s (Shahrukh) Dad played by Anupam Kher.

Jackie Shroff

The movie has a double role of Nandu (Abhishek) who plays as a street man who is a hard drinker & cant control after the Drinks.

Nandu has an Identical dupe who happens to be the son of Jackie (The Vault Owner).


Charlie sees the news about some precious Shalimar Diamonds being displayed in Dubai & ll be in the Vault for a day. As he wants to take revenge for the past con done by Charan Grover on Manohar Sharma. He immediately contacts his child hood friend Jag.

Jag has retired from Military Forces who happens to have good knowledge on Explosives & further meets Tammy who is a Lock expert who used to work with Manohar Sharma.

Tammy is a middle aged man who lives with his Mother & searching for his soul mate in track suits while jogging.

Once Tammy is in, Charlie wants some one who can control the video feed for surveillance so he approaches Rohan who is a nerd & a hacker.

During the run through of the great robbery of Shalimar Diamonds. Charlie informs the team that the room green room which connects the Vault through Ac duct is booked for International Dance Competition Constants.

Now the team needs to learn dance hence aka Nandu introduces Mohini & Charlie. This is where Deepika enters the movie as Mohini. Mohini is flattened by the way Charlie speaks in English as English is the week spot of Mohini.

During the team practices Dance. Nandu always tries to perform Nagin Dance which is the highlight of the movie. Nagin dance was also used in the movie promotion.

Abhishek Nagin Dance

Abhishek Performs Nagin Dance

Nagin Dance Promotion

Nagin Dance Used As Happy New Year Promotion

The team struggles in the Dance Competition to qualify from India. Hacker plays his tricks & gets the team qualified. However when the team enters Dubai the Indians in Dubai welcome’s the team with rotten tamatos & eggs.

With many miracles & Drama the team enters the final & wins the Dance competition.

Direction Errors in the Movie. Nandu plays an imp role in the heist. As he dupes the son of Charan Grover, However there where many scenes where Charan have encountered Nandu during the competition & even when Charan & his Son were being taken over the winning team is cheered near the entrance of the hotel where Charlie revels the secret to Charan. During this scene also Charan can clearly see Nandu but the Director couldn’t see it.

Hounds Say: Movie is a one time watch